[Gr] Kreta, ein Stückchen E4 (Dikti Gebirge)



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  • thedutch
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    • 20.11.2018
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    [Gr] Kreta, ein Stückchen E4 (Dikti Gebirge)


    After having been in Crete a few times, I am still fascinated with the raw landscape over and over again and I would like to share a few pictures of a hike I did with all of you.
    The area of the hike I did is the Lasithi/Dikti mountain range in the south east of Crete.
    Basecamp is Mirtos, a small village on the coast with easy access into the Lasithi/Dikti mountains
    This range is roughly 30km long and 15km wide, sparsely populated and has several peaks over 2000 meters.
    Starting point of the trailrun/hike I did is the small mountain village of Selankano.
    The first bit of the hike took me through pine forest with lots of goats and sheep.
    After a while, the hike gets steeper, the trail gets wilder, and sometimes a bit of trail finding and bushwhacking is needed to keep going.
    Main aim was to climb Mt Spathi and from there traverse the ridge towards the peak of Mt. Lazaros.
    From there I hiked cross country back into the gorge were I came from.
    Except for lots of goats, sheep, birds and vultures I didn´t see anyone.

    Mirtos my "basecamp"

    On route towards the starting point of the hike. With a good look you can see a village stuck to the mountain

    Little off road adventure

    First view of the area I want to go

    My starting at Selankano village

    The E4 crosses all of Crete

    The only way is up

    Looking back were I came from with the mediterranean sea at the horizon

    Just beautiful nature

    How did he do it?

    My mobile has even got a self timer

    Shepards hut high up in the middle of nowhere

    The saddle is the goal

    Looking down towards the saddle on route to Mt. Spathi

    On the top of Mt. Spathi

    Looking towards my next goal Mt. Lazaros

    Selfi on Mt. Lazaros (yes it was cold)

    The famous Lasithi plane towards the north

    Don´t fall down..Either the rocks get you and otherwise the thornbush will

    More wild nature

    On my way down

    What a great place to be and what a great day

    Little map for anyone who would like to have a closer look at the area

    As all of you can see Crete has more to offer than the sea, Knossos palace, Samaria gorge and all inclusive holiday
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  • MLO
    • 13.02.2017
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    A great report - Thank you!
    Mirtos - maybe 43 years ago, that I've been there.
    But on the E4 3 years ago, from Imbros Gorge to Paleochora. 😍


    • Wafer

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      • 06.03.2011
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      Great ! Thanks for the impressions.


      • thedutch
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        • 20.11.2018
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        Mirtos - maybe 43 years ago, that I've been there.
        But on the E4 3 years ago, from Imbros Gorge to Paleochora. 😍[/QUOTE]

        wauw, I bet Mirtos was still very "wild" at that time.
        Untill today it is still a bit of a dreamy place and I love to go there and find a bit of peace and tranquility.