[DE] Westweg (Schwarzwald) mit Hund und viel Schnee



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  • thedutch
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    • 20.11.2018
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    [DE] Westweg (Schwarzwald) mit Hund und viel Schnee

    The Westweg through the black forest was the walk I decided to do.
    I don´t want to write too much about the walk itself as it is a famous one and the internet is full of information on it.
    Because of Covid and my dog I took my tent as I didn´t expect to find any possibility to sleep in an official hut or so.
    It was beginning of April and I knew that a cold weather front was moving in but I decided to go for it and just see how far I would get as I could always hop on a bus and go home.
    Just have a look at the pictures and enjoy the Westweg during a mix of spring and winter.

    Day 1-Pforzheim-Dobel



    Day 2-Dobel-Forbach

    View on Bad Herrenalb

    ​Hohloh -Kaiser Wilhelm Turm

    Day 3-Forbach-Mummelsee

    I knew snow was coming

    The wooden bridge at Forbach

    Still laughing

    Schwarzenbach Talsperre

    Winter wonderland

    On top of Hornisgrinde

    Day 4-Mummelsee-Alexanderschanze

    Lupa and two other hikers. Gave me the feeling that I am not the only mad man!

    He boss can´t we stay here?

    Our shelter from the snowstorm on top of the Alexandershanze

    Day 5-Alexanderschanze-Hohenlochen (Hausach)


    Not the only windmill on our walk

    Hohenlochen Hütte

    What a treat!

    What a place to spend late afternoon

    Day 6-Hohenlochen-Blindsee (Fuchsbach)

    The sun shines at the church in Hausach

    Nice to know

    Lupa taking a nap at the Karlstein


    Find Lupa in her blue sleepingbag.

    Day 7-Blindsee-Titisee

    I am still alive

    That is what it´s all about

    A rest at an old Schwarzwald Haus

    Day 8-Titisee-Notschrei

    The Titisee during a snowy morning


    The Feldberg in the background

    On top of the Feldberg

    Day 9-Notschrei-Stühle Hütte (Blauen)

    Stühle Hütte

    Lupa do you prefer the tent?

    Day 10-Stühle Hütte-Lörrach

    On top of the Blauen with the Rhine valley and France in the background.



    Day 11-Lörrach-Basel

    Last view of Lörrach


    The end
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  • Meer Berge
    • 10.07.2008
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    Snow at night is nicer than rain at daytime
    It´s so good to be out!
    It seems you enjoyed the walk in any weather.
    Great to be there when winter turns into spring, from snow to cherry blossoms!
    Could get a little warmer for me now ...


    • thedutch
      Gerne im Forum
      • 20.11.2018
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      Hi Meer Berge,

      Thanks for your nice comment.
      By the way I never wrote a conclusion on my walk so here is a little one for everybody interested.

      What I really liked was the flow I walked into. The first two days of the walk were somewhat crowded because of Easter but after that I only met few people on the trail and it was great to get away from it all. The snow in the higher regions almost made it magical but pretty cold at night.
      What I didn´t like was the amount of windmills I passed and the same counts for the fact that you almost always have some of them in view.
      This doesn´t mean that I am against windmills but it must have been a great thing to do this walk many years ago without them.
      Next thing that I disliked is the fact that at some parts of the trail you walk almost next to the “Schwarzwald Hochstrasse”.

      A great (offseason) walk for everybody with a bit of time.


      • MLO
        • 13.02.2017
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        Thank you for great pictures! I am born in the Rhine Valley, close to Hornisgrinde / Schwarzwaldhochstrasse. But now I live 500 km away, so i like pictures and reports from this region.


        • rockhopper
          • 22.04.2009
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          • StefanBoe
            • 14.12.2020
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            Tolle Tour, super Bilder. Respekt vor deinem Durchhaltevermögen - und dem deines Hundes. Die Frühlingsbilder nach den kalten Tagen und Nächten im Schnee im Hochschwarzwald ...da geht das Herz auf.


            • thedutch
              Gerne im Forum
              • 20.11.2018
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              Hallo Stefan, das Durchhaltevermögen wurde nur morgens früh auf der probegestellt als ich bei den minus Temperaturen aus mein kuschelige Schlafsack kriechen musste.
              Der Hund macht das ganze eigentlich mit links, sie ist immer happy wenn sie mit Herrchen auf Tour ist egal was für Wetter.


              • Prachttaucher

                Liebt das Forum
                • 21.01.2008
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                Which month ? Sometimes too much snow or no problems ? Food ? Could you buy something on the hike ? Nice pictures !


                • thedutch
                  Gerne im Forum
                  • 20.11.2018
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                  Hi, it was the month April. I started the walk on easter Sunday. The amount of snow was just OK. It should not have been much more otherwise Lupa would have had a very hardtime and I think I would have quit the walk half way for her. The only places for food resupply; Forbach, Hausach and Kandern. But only Hausach makes sense at it is roughly half way.