[AT] Ötztal/Pitztal Gratwanderung, 2015



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    AW: [AT] Ötztal/Pitztal Gratwanderung, 2015

    Pretty cool, thank you very much! Apart from Wildgrat and Erlanger Hütte, which I have hiked along the Zentralalpenweg 02, I was only aware of the Geigenkamm by name. On the map, your tour looks like a lot of fun!


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  • thedutch
    hat ein Thema erstellt [AT] Ötztal/Pitztal Gratwanderung, 2015.

    [AT] Ötztal/Pitztal Gratwanderung, 2015

    It was late September, beginning of October and time for a last tour before the winter season would hit the Alps. My brother and I had a few days of holiday left over so we decided to do a tour together and visit Tirol as it was more or less in our reach.
    The main part of the tour would roughly follow the ridge (also called Geigenkamm) between Ötztal and Pitztal.
    We took a tent with us as all the huts that we would pass would be closed because of the end of season.
    We parked our car at Jerzens and started our accent towards the summit of the Wildgrat peak.

    The two brothers shortly before starting

    The first bit was boring as it passes ski slopes but as we left these behind us it was pure mountain feeling.

    on our way towards wildgrat Peak on a small saddle

    Yes that´s the way up

    view down towards the Little lake we just passed

    What a view close the top

    Wildgrat peak

    We made the top with great weather conditions and walked down after a few pictures towards the beautiful Erlanger hütte that could be seen far down on the edge of a small lake.

    Erlanger hütte on the otherside of the lake....wow

    It was late afternoon as we reached the lake but decided to push on a bit more and find a nice camping spot. We set up our tent next to a small stream. As soon as it got dark we went for our sleeping bag.

    Camping spot

    It was slightly below zero so what else to do? Next morning we made an early start and walked of direction Feilerscharte . All in all this was a nice walk with great views and with the sun on your face and just the two of us.

    Somewhere along the trail

    That day we made it to the deserted Hauersee hütte where we camped that night. As soon as we got there a fierce wind kicked in and we were happy to have the hut as a windbreaker.

    Deserted Hauersee hütte

    Next morning we passed the Hauersee and walked up towards the Luibisscharte passing a snow filed or the rest of a glacier just the way you look at it.
    Tja; very sad that all this will soon be gone!

    Snowfield on our way to the Luibischarte

    After the pass we walked or should I rather say hopped down a boulder field and made our way up the Sandjochl.

    Coming down the Luibischarte on boulders


    Not long after that we passed the Breitlehnjochl and made it up to the Kapuzinerjoch using a few steel cables. From here we could see the trail slowly going down and then up towards the lookout point Gahwinden.

    Close to the Breitlehnjoch

    Accent towards Kapuzinerjoch

    Ok we said lets go for that last bit of the trail for today. The walk to the lookout point was an easy one and we just sat and enjoyed the view. As the end of the day was near we left the summit of the Hohe Geige for some other day.

    The last steps towards the Gahwinden lookout point

    We wanted to set up camp in the valley above the Rüsselsheimer hütte, but getting closer to the hut we saw movement at the hut so we decided to go down and try our luck if the hut would be open.
    Well it was closed but the tenant had a small group of Bergwacht doing some last season training and friendly as he was asked us to join. So that night we had a real meal and a real bed!

    Rüsselsheimer hütte

    Our plan was to make an early start to the Braunschweiger hütte but he guys from the Bergwacht informed us that the good weather condition would probably finish at midday and it could even start to snow. As we didn´t want to end up caught in bad weather in high altitude we decided to walk down the valley. So we arrived in Plangeross at church time. Luckily there was a guy not going to church and he took us hitchhikers to Jerzens.
    Not tired jet and sorry for halve a wasted day we drove back up to the upper part of Pitztal and decided to do a speed hike up the Mittagskogel. Well we made it up half way and then it started snowing quit heavily so we even had difficulty seeing where we were going. There was only one option, let’s go down and accept that season is over for us.

    Conclusion: Tirol is so beautiful and if you are lucky and willing to carry your own load of season you can have the place all to yourself!