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02.07.2003, 14:31

möchte Euch auf gar keinen Fall den dies- oder nächstjährigen Finnland-Sommer-Urlaub vermiesen. Vielleicht hilft Euch aber diese Info bei der Planung:

Professor: A rich summer in mosquitoes ahead

2003-06-30 16:05

Good news for all those who have thought this summer to have been exceptionally poor in every aspect. This summer in Finland will be particularly rich in mosquitoes!

There will be swarms of mosquitoes in the whole country, promises professor Jyrki Muona from the insect department of the Finnish Museum of Natural History. This is because the early snow last year provided the mosquitoes with exceptionally good conditions.

But the cold summer has also prevented the mosquitoes from hatching out. This, however, will not offer any long-lasting help: as soon as the weather conditions change, the mosquitoes will start hatching in millions.

Opposite to what a hopeful resident or tourist could think, a constantly cold summer does not help the situation for good, either. According to professor Muona, the mosquito eggs can wait hatching over two years. So, as the weather changes from cold and humid to warm and humid, the mosquitoes are certainly and reliably all over the country driving people mad.

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