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19.01.2006, 00:21

I am going to place an order for the Valandre down and was wondering if some of you are also interested. As I also need to make the minimum order quantity ;)
It is the same down as is used by Valandre (one of Europe’s best bag makers) see the link for more information:

Valandre down info (http://www.valandre.com/eng/down.htm)

French grey goose down 95/5
fill power 750-820 cu.in
down supplier (http://www.ateliersdelastour.com/)

Approximate prices are listed below:
(I’ll calculate exact prices when I place the final order)

18 euro/100gr (includes the handling shipping fee of de Lastour)

shipping to Europe:
0-200 gr = 5 euro
200-450 gr = 7 euro
450-2kg = 10 euro

Orders in 50 gr multiples (100gr minimum)
Deadline 5th February
payment by bank transfer



p.s. I live in the Netherlands please so please reply in German but I thought I'd spare you my spelling mistakes by posting in English.

19.01.2006, 12:35
ich wäre mit 200g dabei